Canadian Freight Broker

Add a broker arm to your truck fleet

The freight business is booming as consumers spend all that cash they saved by staying home on stuff they think will make life at home more interesting. The last time […]

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Sales funnel

Update your fleet’s sales process in 2021

As Covid-19 rages, the trucking industry continues to do an amazing job pivoting to new ways of doing business and keeping drivers safe. One area where carriers have been slow […]

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With 2020 in the mirror, what does 2021 hold for trucking?

The editors at Webster’s really put a bow on 2020 when they officially added “social distancing,” “rapid testing,” and “asymptomatic” to the dictionary. Voting wasn’t even close when “pandemic” was “honored” as […]

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The promise and shortcomings of autonomous tech

Every truck driver knows what to do when they come to an S-curve: take it easy, accelerate gradually through the turns, and then get back up to speed. In technology, […]

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Should you lease or buy trucks?

When I purchased my first truck 25 years ago, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. The lease I signed for one truck could’ve bought me a small […]

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