Trucking industry in 2022

Brace for a wild ride in 2022

Last year was the best of times for truckers. It was the biggest freight boom in over two decades and every shipper in town was your new best friend. Most […]

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Hiring sales reps in trucking business

How to hire a sales rep

Fleet owners often ask if I know of any sales reps with a big book of business who are looking for a new home. I tell them all the same […]

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Business revenue

Big customers carry risks and rewards alike

Every freight sales rep wakes up in the morning hoping today’s the day they close that massive deal — the one that’ll double the fleet size and their commission cheques […]

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Supply Chain Industry

When going the extra mile, be sure you’re paid

Some of the most fun I had in my trucking career happened when I moved from the C-suite to the front line at MSM Transportation. At the time we were […]

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Trucking and Logistics

Prepare for sticker shock in the warehouse market

It’s hard to be profitable in trucking without strategically located facilities. Several large players recently told me they consider themselves to be in the real estate business, not the trucking […]

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Fight the inside jobs of cargo theft

My first experience with cargo theft was one summer during university. I was working the graveyard shift on a loading dock and noticed a co-worker putting boxes of new appliances […]

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